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the path to hope begins here

We all struggle with challenges and feel overwhelmed at times. Since you have found yourself here, my guess is that you may be considering therapy for yourself or someone you care about. Congratulations! You have taken the first important and courageous step toward improving your life or that of someone you love. Together, we examine your current concerns and explore roadblocks that may be preventing you from living the life you want.  




Individual therapy (sometimes called “psychotherapy” or “counseling”) is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, to dealing with depression or anxiety, to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge.

A client and therapist may work together for as few as five or six sessions or as long as several years, depending on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy.


The goal of family therapy is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems, understand and handle special family situations (for example, death, serious physical or mental illness, or child and adolescent issues), and create a better functioning home environment. Family therapy includes couples counseling.


I have specialized training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is an evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents impacted by trauma. Research shows that TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with traumatic experiences. 


My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe and compassionate place where clients can get encouragement and support as they navigate through the challenges of life. No matter what you’re going through, whether depression, anxiety, or PTSD,

there is hope.


Welcome. I’m Kris Thompson.  I am a licensed clinical social worker in Frederic, Wisconsin providing psychotherapy services to individuals, families and couples.  I use a person-centered approach to assist individuals and families in improving their lives and relationships, tailoring strategies based on individual needs to strengthen coping skills and remove barriers to emotional wellness. I enjoy using art and creativity as catalysts for healing and change.

I have specialized training in mindfulness-based practices, trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy and person-centered therapy with children, adolescents, adults and families addressing grief/loss, trauma, depression and anxiety. 

-Kris Thompson, MSW LCSW


Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls 

Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota –Duluth 


Call or Text: (715) 869-6484

Fax: (888) 737-8451


My office hours are flexible and by appointment only.


Due to the nature of my work, I am often not immediately available to speak to you on the telephone.  While I am in session with clients, I will not answer the phone.  My telephone is answered by voicemail that I monitor frequently.  My voicemail is password protected and is retrieved electronically and not by answering machine.  I will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible. Please provide your name and contact information when leaving a message so I can return your call in a timely fashion.

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